2022 National ED Inventory-USA survey is launched!

By | January 23, 2023

The National ED Inventories (NEDI) are ongoing surveys that collect and maintain data on all EDs in a specific country/state/city, including facility location and annual visit volume.  

On 1/12/2022, we launched our eighth annual NEDI-USA survey to better understand the nature of U.S. emergency departments (EDs). Please help us out by completing the 2022 NEDI-USA survey at https://redcap.link/findERnow22.

The results from this national survey will be used to perform health services research on U.S. emergency care and to enhance our existing app, findERnow (available for free on both iPhone and Android smartphones). Please find more information about this study here. If you have any questions, please contact Krislyn Boggs at emnet@partners.org.