The Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet) involves 247 medical centers and three programs. Large administrative dataset analyses contribute to all three programs.

The major Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC) research activities at this time are MARC-35 and MARC-43, two multicenter cohorts on infants. The cohorts will examine which children develop recurrent wheezing and asthma, and the relation of airway microbiome to risk of childhood asthma.

Another major project is MARC-42, an analysis of large administrative datasets to investigate readmissions within 30 days after COPD-related hospitalization.

The Health Services Research division includes activities such as:

a) the National ED Safety Study (NEDSS), a >60-center study of patient safety issues in the ED;
b) the ongoing National ED Inventories (NEDI), which includes a database of every ED in the United States and several international cities and countries;
c) several EM workforce studies.

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The most recent major research activity for the Public Health division was ED-SAFE, an 8-center suicide prevention project.

The major goals of the ED-SAFE project were to examine the feasibility and potential impact of screening ED patients for suicide risk, and to examine the effect of an ED-initiated intervention to reduce suicidal behavior among people who self-identify or screen positive for suicidal ideation.

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