2018 NEDI-New England

NEDI-New England 2018 surveyed EDs in all 6 New England states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The survey collected information regarding ED characteristics, staffing, electronic resources, consultant availability, adverse social determinants of health, and opioid management for the year 2018 (conducted in 2019). This study was a follow-up to an original study on New England EDs in 2014 (conducted in 2015).

The results from this survey are being used to perform health services research on U.S. emergency care. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Krislyn Boggs, MPH at emnet@partners.org.

Final Response Rate (n=166/194)

Example Publications

1. Samuels-Kalow ME, Boggs KM, Cash RE, Herrington R, Mick NW, Rutman MS, Venkatesh AK, Zabbo CP, Sullivan, AF, Hasegawa K, Zachrison KS, Camargo CA Jr. Screening for health-related social needs of emergency department patients. Ann Emerg Med 2020; in press.

2. Teferi MM, Boggs KM, Espinola JA, Herrington R, Mick NW, Rutman MS, Venkatesh AK, Zabbo CP, Hasegawa K, Samuels-Kalow ME, Weiner SG, Camargo CA Jr. Change in opioid policies in New England emergency departments, 2014 vs 2018. Drug Alcohol Depend 2020; 213: 108105.

3. Zachrison KS, Boggs KM, Hayden EM, Cash RE, Espinola JA, Samuels-Kalow ME, Sullivan AF, Mehrotra A, Camargo CA Jr. Factors associated with emergency department adoption of telemedicine: 2014-2018. JACEP Open 2020; in press.