Health Services Research

Health Services Research

To advance emergency care through diverse projects
in health services research


The Health Services Research Program (HSR) includes both observational and interventional studies. Examples include:

  1. Studies based on, or derived from, the National Emergency Department Inventory (NEDI) project (e.g., NEDI-USA, NEDI-State), and
  2. Analyses of emergency care in large administrative datasets (e.g., AHA, KID, Medicare, NEDS, NHAMCS, NHDS, NIS, SEDD/SID)
Major Research Themes
  • Health insurance
  • Patient safety
  • Access to emergency care (e.g., what/where are EDs; findERnow app)
  • ED workforce (including MLPs), Choosing Wisely
  • Opioid epidemic
  • Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC)
  • Telemedicine
  • Hospital networks (eg, stroke transfers)
  • Health-related social needs (HRSN) screening
  • COPD readmissions
  • Health disparities

Active Projects

Past Initiatives

This nationally representative study examined 2016 telemedicine use in U.S. emergency departments. Data collection was conducted in the spring of 2018. Please contact Dr. Kori Zachrison if you would like additional details.

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The National ED Safety Study (NEDSS) was a multicenter study on patient safety in US emergency departments. For more information, please contact Ashley Sullivan.

Example publication: 
Sullivan AF, Camargo CA Jr, Cleary PD, Gordon JA, Guadagnoli E, Kaushal R, Magid DJ, Rao SR, Blumenthal D. The National Emergency Department Safety Study: Study rationale and design. Acad Emerg Med 2007; 14: 1182-1189. 18045895