Scientific Advisory Board Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Scientific Advisory Board members include:

  • Attend at least 2 of the 3 meetings each year: 1) October call, 2) January call, and 3) April in-person meeting in Boston (airfare and hotel covered). For missed meetings, it is the responsibility of the absent member to contact Dr. Camargo (or his stand-in) for details.
  • Serve as site PI in most EMNet studies; this can include serving as co-investigator at site or as director of the data coordinating center
  • Lead 1 specific Scientific Advisory Board project (e.g., Newsletter) each quarter
  • Promote active participation by established EMNet sites (e.g., by encouraging completion of secondary analysis manuscripts and submission of study proposals
  • Recruit new EMNet sites (e.g., when giving grand rounds at regional hospitals)
  • Solicit at least 1 grant for EMNet during 2-year term
  • Review and approve (by majority vote) EMNet-related grant applications, research protocols, and ancillary studies
  • (As needed) Review and approve EMNet-related manuscripts. Written comments should be sent to first author, study PI, and Dr. Camargo within two weeks of receiving draft.
  • Comply with “Conflict of Interest” statement when asked to perform peer review.
  • (Optional) Write research protocol for one of the EMNet studies, secure necessary grant support, and truly lead study from member’s site. With rare exception, the EMNet Coordinating Center (ECC) will continue to perform data management and statistical analyses for all EMNet studies.
  • (Study PI and Dr. Camargo) Review and approve secondary analysis proposals from site PIs.