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Ninth Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC-9)

MARC-9 was a randomized trial on the effect of simple ED interventions on primary care follow-up and quality-of-life after an ED visit for acute asthma not requiring hospital admission. The ED interventions included free prednisone, taxi vouchers for travel to/from primary care and a telephone call 48 hours after the ED visit to remind patients to schedule an appointment with their primary care provider, or to provide patients with the date and time of an already-scheduled follow-up visit. For additional information, contact Dr. Carlos Camargo.

Primary publication:
Baren JM, Boudreaux ED, Brenner BE, Cydulka RK, Rowe BH, Clark S, Camargo CA Jr. Randomized controlled trial of emergency department interventions to improve primary care follow-up for patients with acute asthma. Chest 2006; 129: 257-265. 16478839

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