EMNet consists of three main programs. The major research activities in each area are summarized below:

Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC): The major research activity at this time is MARC-35, a prospective 17-center cohort study of children <1 year with severe bronchiolitis. This study will examine which children develop recurrent wheezing by age 3 years and asthma by age 6 years.

Health Services Research (HSR): Major research activities include: a) the National ED Safety Study (NEDSS), a >60-center study of patient safety issues in the ED; b) the ongoing National ED Inventories (NEDI), which includes a database of every ED in the United States and several international cities and countries (unfunded); and c) several EM workforce studies.

Public Health: The major research activity was ED-SAFE, an 8-center suicide prevention project.

Large administrative dataset analyses contribute to all three programs.