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All EMNet programs are based at the EMNet Coordinating Center at MGH.

Dr. Carlos Camargo
founded all programs, directs the ECC, and chairs the EMNet Steering Committee.
Key members of the current EMNet Coordinating Center include Ashley Sullivan, MS, MPH (Associate Director), Erica Ruggles (Program Coordinator), Janice Espinola, MPH (Biostatistician/Epidemiologist), Catalina Gimenez-Zapiola and Daphne Suzin (Project Coordinators), Courtney Tierney, MPH (Biorepository Manager) and Julia Chunglo (Clinical Research Coordinator). The EMNet Coordinating Center also includes a regular stream of research fellows, research associates, and research assistants who join EMNet staff for 3-month to 2-year periods.

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