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EMNet findER is the fastest, most reliable way to find the closest ER.

One of EMNet’s foremost health policy activities is maintaining the most accurate inventory of emergency departments, or emergency rooms (ERs), in the United States.  Although one may think that this information would be readily available, it actually is not.   As ERs close and move, and new facilities open, sources that list ERs invariably become outdated.  A simple internet search often returns unreliable results – with searches revealing closed ERs, part-time clinics, or even veterinary hospitals!

To fill this gap, EMNet created the National Emergency Department Inventory (NEDI-USA).  Beginning with ER listings from multiple sources, EMNet researchers have confirmed these ER listings.  With continual refinement over the past 10 years, the result is that EMNet has created a truly unique national resource: the most complete, up-to-date, accurate inventory of every ER in the nation.

Now, EMNet has taken this one step further with the smartphone app, EMNet findER, which is based on this one-of-a-kind database.

EMNet findER uses the smartphone’s GPS to quickly locate the user’s current location and the distance to the closest ER anywhere within the United States. Users can select the closest ER or another nearby ER in a map or list format. Once selected, users are provided with 1-click access to directions to the ER as well as additional information, including the ability to search online for more information about the ER.

New feature for 2012: app users can now search for emergency departments anywhere in the US by city and state, zip code, and by landmark (e.g., Fenway Park).

EMNet findER is ideal for travelers, especially those suffering chronic medical conditions, or those traveling with friends or relatives with health problems.

For frequently asked questions, click here.

For more information about how EMNet findER is created and maintained, click here.


"Hopefully you will never need this application, but it’s a good one to add to your quiver of iPhone applications." - Geek Dad on wired.com

"It's a bit easier for patients to find an emergency room in a hurry now if they've got an iPhone." WCVB TV Channel 5 in Boston on thebostonchannel.com

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